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Mauritius with Dubai Tour

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Mauritius, Dubai

Travel the world like as Exclusive International Tour to Mauritius with Dubai, holiday tour packages for 7 Days.  ...

Mauritius Exotic Islands Trips

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Mauritius,Mauritius

Mauritius Exotic Islands holiday packages for 5 Days, most beautiful getaway locations in the world.  ...

Mauritius Special Travel

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Mauritius,Mauritius

Mauritius Special Travel package for 7 Days holiday packages booking from India.  ...


Mauritius is one the most wonderful countries in the world. It is a small island nation in south East Asia. Mauritius as is one of the lovely places on earth. The landscapes capture the attention as will the plush vegetations that cowl the region. There are many forests within the island creating it therefore lovely and attractive. Mauritius is accessible from all regions of the globe though direct flights do not seem to be several. You will have to be compelled a few of connections before you finally get to the present destination. This should not worry you as you will find out soon enough that the ride is actually worthwhile.

Beach holidays in Mauritius are famous the globe over. Mauritius beaches are hierarchal among the loveliest white sand beaches within the world. The country is therefore lovely at the beach are that the scene itself can merely take your breath away. Nights in Mauritius are quite heat where the beaches are white sands. The coral reefs here are some of the biggest within the world.

Beach holidays will take any type that you just wish. The beach is that the good place to stage a marriage followed by a honeymoon. Weddings and honeymoons come with great discounts hence you can have a perfect time at the beach. Family holidays can also be enjoyed at the Mauritian beaches. There are many family facilities accessible at the areas. Accommodation for families at the beaches is additionally quite pronounced as there are family rooms and villas to cater for all of your wants.

Held in esteem the world over for its excellent beaches and high-end hotels, Mauritius is a wonderful destination. Take our Mauritius Tour Package to revel in powdery beaches, near the open seas, and view the spectacular crashing of the waves of the nearby Indian Ocean as they close in on the coral reef separating the ocean from the Mauritius. Add to it one of the best air qualities, so if you visit Mauritius, you’ll definitely feel on top of the world!

 With a decided African influence, Mauritius is also home to the French, Indian, Chinese, and British communities. It’s friendly, safe, and welcoming. There’s plenty to see, many high class restaurants, while boutiques and souvenir shops abound. From your Mauritius Holiday Package, you will find that various festivals are celebrated here due to its cultural mix, and the cuisine caters to the international tourist. There’s a strong Indian influence, apparent in the temples and food – even biryani and kulfi are available!

 The Mauritius Holiday Package will have you up and about – there’s no dearth of water sports: surfing, diving, kite-surfing, sailing, and scuba diving. Some of the world’s best surfing spots are in its’ south-west, behind Morne Brabant, and Le Morne is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Mountain-biking, abseiling, and ziplining are other sports gaining ground. There’s a thrilling underwater voyage to be made in a semi-submersible boat to view the marine life, and a unique experience for scuba.

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