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Shanghai-Beijing-Xian Package

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

Beijing and Shanghai holiday online booking from India, Beijing and Shanghai Tour packages for 8 days....

Hong Kong Disneyland with Bangkok Pattaya

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Hong Kong, Disneyland, Bangkok, Pattaya

Hong Kong Disneyland with Bangkok Pattaya holiday tour packages for 8 Days at Rs. 64000/...

Hongkong Singapore with Disneyland

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Hongkong, Singapore, Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland with Singapore holiday tour packages for 7 Days...

Hong Kong Macau with Shenzhen

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Delhi

Hong Kong Macau with Shenzhen holiday tour packages booking for 5 Days, price Rs. 51500/ ...


If you wish to visit a modern, sophisticated island city with a stunning skyline, our Hong Kong Holiday Package will take you just there. Called ‘fragrant harbour’ because of the incense drifting with the sea breeze near its shores in days of yore, from a bunch of fishing villages Hong Kong has evolved to a ‘happening’ place city that stands up with pride in the forefront of the world.

This captivating island city, you will discover from your Hong Kong Tour Package, has stunning ethnic Chinese and European architecture, besides elaborate Chinese and Indian temples, mosques, and churches. There are heritage walks to acquaint you with its famous landmarks. Its giant bronze Buddha, Ngong Ping piazza, Po Lin monastery, and sedimentary rock regions with strange landforms are tourist attractions, besides a village that rests on stilts. You can even watch dolphins at play! The Hong Kong Disneyland promises excitement and thrills in any one of its Theme Parks for you and your family!

Hong Kong has an active night life, bars, pubs, cafes, dance companies, boat races, and horse races to keep you on your toes, and spas to rejuvenate you. Its trendy boutiques and malls will delight you. It has many street markets, including a night market and a special ladies market! Popularly sought after are its jade and ivory curios, Chinese black and herbal tea, and, of course, gold jewellery, which is priced low and tax-free!

Those who take the Hong Kong Tour Packages may well find themselves in the midst of some music or dance festival. Regarded as Asia’s ‘culinary capital’ with over 11,000 restaurants, the city has haute cuisine, fast food restaurants, and is famous for dim sum and hot pot. It has a humid, sub-tropical climate, but is wonderful to visit any time of the year. Hong Kong has developed its’ own Disneyland with several theme parks and exciting rides, enjoyed by children as well as adults. Hiking is a popular activity, whether it’s in the city or the outlying regions, to observe the wildlife or watch dolphins at play.

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