Sweden has many beautiful cities worth visiting


The Swedish lifestyle brings together a love of nature, good housing, environmental thinking and lots of culture.  Swedes in general work hard but treasure their free time and enjoy long relaxing holidays.

Starting in the south, you will find everything from deep-green potato fields to some of the richest apple orchards in Europe. On the Baltic island of Gotland, limestone columns rise dramatically from the sea, and in the archipelagos of Stockholm and Gothenburg, swimming and sailing are everyday summertime activities.

In Sweden, nature is something to be shared by everyone and nothing is better proof of this than all ensnarement, or the right of public access, which is one of the unique joys of living here.

so, the choice of season is yours……as there is liveliness determined during the dark or light……celebration galore. Summer time in Sweden….. lakes are for basking beside, for swimming, for fishing and for boating. Wintertime…… the lakes farther north freeze over and play host to skaters and ice fishing enthusiasts. Just witness the people swimming and fishing in Lake Mälaren in the middle of Stockholm, the water is clean and almost of drinking quality and you can catch salmon and other fish species here. And they are edible, just as the tap water is very drinkable.Sweden has many other beautiful cities worth visiting, especially Gothenburg and Malmo.

A haven for shopping….this country is known for its high-quality crystal and glassware, besides excellent cutlery, china, handicrafts, furs, textiles, jewellery, silver, pottery, furniture, cars, sports ware and mobiles. Small Swedish villages have handicraft shops selling knitwear, embroidery and wood carvings. Several traditional markets and fairs are held in the country all through the year. Reputed glassworks manufacturers such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors, located in Smaland, offer good bargains in their ‘seconds’ sales. For good quality ceramics, Nya Hoganas-Keramik in the southern region offers fabulous discounts. There are department stores and upscale shops in the bigger cities. The winding lanes in Gamla Stan in Stockholm are lined with stores selling antiques and handicrafts.

The food delights offered in Sweden tend to be as vibrant and diverse as the history and culture of the people. Nevertheless, the regional food which you may appreciate is determined by which region you are in and dining is an enjoyable and rich experience. Food offers numerous styles along with thousands of excellent dining places in all the main metropolitan areas and towns.

Furthermore, meals in Stockholm and other Swedish holiday resorts are not limited to typical Swedish delights. Culinary fare from all around the globe are available such as Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and other international tastes.

Besides Swedish food, there’s……. Thai and Italian food, Seafood, Sushi, International food, Fusion, Pub food, Bakeries and Cafes.The Swedish equivalent of McDonald’s is Max, and is relatively affordable….it is very well-liked and patronized regularly by the the inhabitants and tourists. Personally, a lot of people greatly prefer Max to McDonald’s and other fast food establishments……..you must try this eatery!!

There are tons of fast food pizza places everywhere. The marzipan shell is typically green or yellow in colour……….you would definitely indulge in some sweet stuff on your vacation……..put on some calories as they would do you no harm!!!!!!you need to know about investing in Sweden find out more by going to http://joy-travels.com/

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